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We are specialists in all aspects of commercial roofing services in Redding, CA, Several businesses have benefited from our comprehensive expertise in commercial roofing to get a new roof installed from scratch on their property or for repairs and maintenance.  We boast of a dedicated and experienced team of professional roofers who are always ready to offer you exceptional customer service that facilitates satisfactory and fast completion of any of your commercial roofing needs.

As a commercial roofing contractor, we at Redding Roofing Pros, can repair existing low pitched roofs and complete coating systems.  Our expertise also covers weatherproofing and new metal construction.  We are always updated with the latest technology and use only the latest high-performance materials when working on your business.  We have strong working relationships with the top manufacturers in the industry so all materials we use come with warranties and high assurances of excellent and long-lasting performance.

When you work with an established and experienced commercial roofing company like Redding Roofing Pros, you get the best solutions at the best rates.  With years of active service to the Redding Community, we are always committed to serving our customers with the best services using state-of-the-art technologies, innovations, and concepts.  Likewise, working with us offers you the opportunity to access multiple services in one, including metal flashing fabrication, commercial roofing system, residential and commercial gutter installation and repairs, and waterproofing among others.

We do not only provide excellent commercial roof repair services in Redding, CA; we do it with no hassles and lesser costs.  This is due to the integration of advanced technologies that helps your business to reduce labor costs and landfill while offering products that are effective and environmentally safe.  With us, you can worry less about expensive and laborious processes of removal of old materials or installations of a new one. We do not compromise quality for the price and we try as much as possible to work with your budget. 

Having issues with your commercial building roof can be bad – it revolves around the safety of both customers and employees.  Don’t hesitate – just give us a call, and Redding Roofing Pros will be there in a flash!  Take advantage of our free 8-point inspections today, which also includes a free estimates and repair plan.  Our services come with great assurances and peace of mind.

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While we specialize in roofing and gutter services, we see ourselves as members of the Redding community that values respect, honesty, and fairness.  As a professional roofing and gutter company, we uphold these values while dealing with our clients and we look forward to receiving the same from our clients.

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We respond to all calls swiftly, listen to the demands of the clients, and come up with the best solution that requires the least expenses and shortest time. You are always part of the process; we brief you comprehensively at every step of the way – right from inspection, estimation, and execution.

Shasta Strong

We do not consider our services as just a means of income. For us, it is our passion, and this is why we derive satisfaction in putting smiles on the face of our customers through excellent services. We are dedicated to serving the Redding community with the best gutter and roofing services obtainable..

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